Friday, 29 December 2017

Who would I invite to a ve party /victory in Europe /

Today I will tell you who would I invite to a ve party or a victory in Europe.

The first people that I will invite to my ve party is my family because what is a party without your family.

The second people that I will have to invite to the ve party is my closest friends like your best friend or friends or friends that you know really well.

That is all the people I will invite to a ve party 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Rating this picture/Summer Learning Journey

I will give this photot a 4 star rate
 to me and it doesnt give that much pow but it is a good drawing.
That is my reason for giving this drawing a five star rate

What I think Gold Rush is going to be about and did I enjoy the trailer or not/Summer Learning Journey

 I think gold rush is going to be about peolple travelling about a high mountain.
I didnt enjoy the trailer beacause it didnt have that much quallity and it didn't look that realistic
it didnt look realistic to me because every time the the tramp person made a mistake it did not look real to me .

Friday, 22 December 2017

Three fun facts that I could do when I go to Waitangi/Summer learning journey

fact 1:You can go look at the treaty when you go to waitangi
fact 2:You can go visit the small semi garden that surrounds the treaty house.
fact 3:You can go to the resevers with there is a restaurant so you can go eat when your hungry

Translating Phrases/Summer learning Journey

Nau mai ki Aotearoa/Welcomes to New Zealand
Frank is my name/Ko Frank toku ingoa
What is your name/He aha to ingoa
He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro/I like to play rugby
Where do you come from/No hea koe?

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Pepeha/Summer learning Journey

Ko Taupiri me Tararua nga maunga  
Ko Waikato me Ohau nga awa
Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Hoturangi me Tukorehe ōku tīpuna
Ko Waikato me Ngati Raukawa ki te Tonga ōku iwi
Ko Ngati Mahuta me Tukorehe ōku hapu
Ko Waikaretu me Tukorehe ōku marae
No Tamakimakaurau ahau

Ko Amber rāua ko Jerry ōku mātua, No Hamoa tōku paapaa.  
Ko _Frank__ tōku ingoa.

Tukorehe Marae- Levin

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What I want to be when I grow up/ Summer learning journey

I want to be a cop when I grow up because I want to catch the people who do crimes and being a cop is also my dream job.

Comparing The Wharepuni With My House/Summer Learning Journey

Comparing The Wharepuni With My House, well there are a few similarities for example
1: The Wharepuni (Wharenui) has an entrance to go inside, just like my house
2: It has a roof and also a window, again just like my house

Differences would be:
A wharepuni represents an Iwi and the people of that Iwi,
Wharepuni have a Tekoteko on the top which is normally of a well-known person (depends on where you are from), like, Kupe, Paikea, Rangatira and so on.
Tekoteko stand above a Koruru this can usually be the head of an ancestor.
The sides are carved ( amo) and will tell a story of the Iwi.
The Maihi which are the arms are carved and have fingers (raparapa).

In conclusion, I think that I house is boring compared to the wharepuni because a wharepuni has so much history and my house is just a house.So I think the wharepuni is much better than my house the end.

Monday, 18 December 2017

3 facts That I know about Maui/Summer Learning Journey

Today I will be telling you three facts that I didn't know about Maui and the story I'm reading is Maui and the giant fish.

Fact 1: Maui hid in the canoe to go fishing
Fact 2: When Maui heard the anchor drop he knew he was far from land so he revealed himself to his brothers and said "surprise".The brothers were shocked to see Maui on the canoe and they also asked him "what was he doing here".They were mad at Maui for him tricking them even though they were made Maui spoke up and said I have come to fish because  Murirangawhenua said he will become a great fisherman when he grows up.
Fact 3:When Maui's brother where done fishing they all said to each other good job and they all said they were the best fishermen ever and when Maui got his fishing rod out they all laughed at Maui and said "Ha you would be lucky enough to get seated weed  with that or driftwood"They still were laughing.Maui then asked his brothers if he could have some bait to put on his hook but that made his brothers laugh harder so instead of bait Maui punched his nose so it bled and he used his blood for his bait.he put his blood on the hook and put it in the water.He put his fishing rod into the ocean and it went deep into the ocean floor and his hook got instantly taken by something.Maui's line went suddenly taut.His brothers stopped laughing and held tightly on the side of the boats and speed fast across the ocean."CUT THE LINE" one of the brothers said while trying to sit down."Please, Maui cut the line they said".But Maui held tight to the line when they saw a giant fish and then Maui pulled the fish out of the water.The fish was bigger then the canoe and the brothers were shivering in fright

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

the sign says danger do not enter

In a small town called downs vill there were these three kids called Tyler Alex and me.If you wondering what my name is I will tell you it is Dan.Me and my friends like to explore but because of school less adventure time.Even though we have school that doesn't mean we can't go after school or in the weekends.My Name is Dan and I am about to tell you about the sign that said danger. Me and my friends were at school and it was friday and also it was lunch.When we were eating our lunch this lady comes and staples a post on the wall and it said missing children and said have you seen me.Me and my friends were like “isn't that one of the kids from the patrol squad.If you don't know what the patrol squad is well it is one of the clubs in our school and in the group those people patrol the school to make sure nobody steals their mascot now that's out of the way back to the story.After lunch we went to play when we were playing THERE WAS ANOTHER POSTING SAYING MISSING and guess what HE WAS FROM THE PATROL SQUAD!.And that moment we thought hey they're talking them one by one the get the school's mascot.After playing outside we had to go back to class and it was close to the school bell to ring.After 10 minutes the bell rang and when it rang me and friends went to my house to get our adventure gear for our tomorrows adventure. It was Saturday me and my friends woke up went for a shower got changed got our adventure cloths and gear and we went to the forest. were in the forest looking for things.After awhile we stumble a what seems to be a metal door that says danger do not enter.The door was really rusty and it had mold on it.That was the thing that me and my friends were curious about.We checked to see if it was unlocked guess what it was.So me Tyler and Alex walked in like the brave people we were.It was dark in there but lucky we had a adventure gear.If you're wondering what our adventure gear is it is just a flashlight couple of batteries,food and a bat.All of us had those items oh ya we also had a bag.So when we were walking the strangest thing happen.When we were walking Alex tapped me on the shoulder and said “dude” and I said “WHAT!” and he said “look” THE DOOR WAS GONE.We were so scared and we didn't know what to do.We thought that rocks fell and covered the door but we went to check it and it was solid.When we were checking out the door we heard this strange laugh.It was scarey from the eco if there was no eco I don't even think we would hear it.The laugh came from the deeper side and darker side.We were like “COME ON THE DEEPER AND DARKER SIDE THIS SUCKS “.Of course we were curious so we went to the deeper and darker side of the tunnel or cave.When we were walking down to the deeper and darker side of the cave we heard we heard the strange laugh from before but it got louder.So we thought we were close so we took out our bats and were looking around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary.After a couple of minutes of looking around we saw the door that we came in.We thought that we came around in a circle but we didnt taking in turns it was just a straight path that's why me Tyler and alex were concerned.When we opened the door We saw lots of jam and bread.We all said”WHY IS THERE FOOD DOWN HERE “ we said it so loud that it was louder then the laugh we heard and it also had a eco.After the eco we heard the laugh again but more louder then the first and second time.We heard it thru the wall and when we went up to the wall we hit it and it was hallow.So we thought hey why not use our bats to break the wall.When we were hitting the wall it got more weaker and weaker.What did you think what was going to happen.Any way when we were hitting the wall we made a hole in it.After we made the hole we decided to look what's inside the wall.When we looked inside the wall we saw the outside and when we looked back we were outside.None of it happened it was all in our head.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Beating the 7th gym brick bronze

Hi my name is Frank and today I will tell you how I beat the 7th gym for brick bronze.

I did beat the 7th gym not long ago I beat the 7th gym in the holidays.I was going  to the 7th gym but I was in route 14 because of that I had to battle trainer but since I had such powerful Pokemon battling the trainers was a walk in the park.But since I just came from the 6th gym I had to go back to the Pokemon centre and heal my Pokemon. After healing the Pokemon I went back to route 14 to battle more trainer like I said it was a walk in the park.I was so excited to get to the dark type gym because I had a water Pokemon but like the saying don't judge a book by its cover because of that there level was like level 68 but my level was level 71 for my main Pokemon so I had trouble battling the gym trainers.When I got to the gym leader I was so surprised how strong he was but hey what I kinda knew the 7th gym was a challenged but didn't know it was a hard challenged
took me 20 tries because I on my 20th try I used hydro pump on his mega houndoom and it showed me the badge when I used hydro pump and I said OMG FINALLY and then I got to have a ™ called dark pulse and that when I saved my game but since it was night and it was late I had to go to bed.

Monday, 14 August 2017

White Tail Spider

This is a  white tail spider.It has 8 legs because it is not a insect.It was a little tail at the back of it.The white tail spider is has black and brown legs  and a brown body.It has teeth in the front of it’s mouth.The white tail has a brown and a  black side.The spider has hairy legs in the front of it.The spider is short but is poisonous.White tail’s are pest because they keep on coming in our houses and scaring some people and  in the wrong place at the wrong time.Its tail is yellow and little black bits.The White tail looks like a baby tarantula.White tails are little so it is hard to see them.

By Frank

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The day at St Kents

At St Kent's it was super fun because we got to do fun activates. My most favourite activate was  octopus because they I was dodging people until 3 people were left.I also enjoy St Kent's because the students that were taking us were funny and cool.When we played bang  I won 2 rounds then we had to switch to another group.I think that St Kent's was really fun hope we go back there again.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

trip to te oro

It was fun at Te Oro . When we got to go on the VR and search the ocean and we even saw the fish. After we had a turn on the VR we went to learn about Matariki. We all went into this tent looking thing and it had a tunnel that we could crawl though and get inside.When we were in there we learnt some facts about Matariki after we learnt facts about Matariki we went back to play on the VR but it broke so we couldn't play on it so we left and went back to Ruapotaka.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


We have been learning keyboard short cuts so we can learn faster.We got to pick witch key board short cut to use and i picked CTRL+ALT+Z because its my favourite one.
by Frank

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My very first blogpost

Hola my name is Frank. I am 9 and I go to Ruapotaka School. I am Maori and Samoan. I have 1 sister,1 brother and a mom and dad.
In school I try to do the best I can. My favourite foods are fish,fried rice and burgers. Some people call me Frankenstein or Franklin and I only know how to speak English no other best friend is Alamoni. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite song is eye spy from Kyle x lil yachty. My favourite colour is blue. favourite youtuber locus. I love making friends. I like to play soccer.

My goal is to get better at writing and maths I am looking for getting better at maths. Thank you for looking at my blog.