Monday, 14 August 2017

White Tail Spider

This is a  white tail spider.It has 8 legs because it is not a insect.It was a little tail at the back of it.The white tail spider is has black and brown legs  and a brown body.It has teeth in the front of it’s mouth.The white tail has a brown and a  black side.The spider has hairy legs in the front of it.The spider is short but is poisonous.White tail’s are pest because they keep on coming in our houses and scaring some people and  in the wrong place at the wrong time.Its tail is yellow and little black bits.The White tail looks like a baby tarantula.White tails are little so it is hard to see them.

By Frank


  1. Malo Le Lei Frank, your post made me so scared but I had a lot of fun reading it. I think that your favourite animal is a white tail spider.

  2. Nice description Son, however you should spend some time proof reading your work :)