Monday, 19 February 2018

Updated Profile

Hello my name is Frank and today I will be telling you things about me. in my family there are five member my sister,mum,dad and I.I am the youngest in my family with the age of ten. My hobbies are sleeping playing games and favourites things to do are watching videos and playing pokemon. To past the time I try to sleep. My best friends are Jacob,Nurul,Diego and my main best friend is Alamoni. Jacob is one of my best friends because me and him like to talk a lot and we also like to play basket ball. Nurul is one of my best friends because we like to play games a lot and we like to talk about the games.Diego is one of my best friends because he is a loyal best friend,he also doesnt tell any secrets I tell him. Alamoni is my main best friend because he and I always tell jokes with each other and I sometimes go to his and and play games with him.I have black hair,black eyes


  1. Hey Frank I like your profile update has more words to read than the other one

  2. I think you are forgetting about your brother